"Kerri's abilities are amazing! I had no idea what MFR was until I got a horrible vertigo attack and was so dizzy I couldn't even sit up. She worked on me for several days and it was the only thing that gave me relief. I believe it was a huge part of what helped me get better. Now, I recommend MFR and Kerri to everyone! I am proof that it works."  Jeni H.

I knew nothing about MFR before seeing Kerri and having her work on me, but could immediately feel her understanding and healing energy when I described my problem. I had had trauma to my foot, and could not dance, wear heels, or do any high impact exercise on it for 8 months.(The previous November, I had stepped on a sea urchin and the tines had broken off and were deeply embedded in my foot, not visible to the eye.) Kerri worked on me the following June, and immediately the pain was gone and I could put pressure on my foot again. Then, most amazingly, a few weeks later, each of the tines came to the surface( in between my toes, even though they went in on the sole), and exited my foot painlessly. I was sold on MFR and Kerri after that, and she has done many more successful treatments for various ailments and traumas. Can't recommend her enough!    Sibet Hyder Alspaugh, M.A., MFT

If you are having pain of any kind I suggest you see Kerri Geach East Coast Myofascial Release.  She has helped me get through weeks of back to back racing.  I recently suffered a sprained ankle and with one session from Kerri, I was able to race a week later with no pain!  She has also aligned my hips to their proper position which has relieved my lower back pain and returned the energy flow throughout my body.  Thanks Kerri for your emergency help and belief in me!   Angela Cobb, professional runner

Here is a picture of a client who had broken her foot on a Friday night (5th metatarsal fracture). I treated her the next day (Saturday) with energy work directly over the fracture and Myofascial Release on the surrounding areas.  The picture on the left is what it looked like.  When I saw her again on Sunday, this is what her foot looked like (on the right).


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