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Have you heard of myofascial release (MFR) but have no idea what it is? Or are you looking to learn more about how it can help you? The benefits to this practice are endless and can help you get relief from a wide variety of symptoms. Please take a few moments to learn more about my background and how MFR can benefit you.

Kerri Geach East Coast Myofascial Release is committed to providing its clients a partner in healthcare, with high professional and ethical standards.

As a licensed massage therapist, I have been practicing John Barnes Myofascial Release solely for more than six years. Myofascial release is a gentle and effective form of bodywork that puts pressure into fascial restrictions, holding the restrictions for at least five minutes and following them until they are released.

After relocating to the Space Coast from Illinois and Sarasota, FL, I have been blessed to find just the right location to open a new practice in Indialantic, FL, which is located about 50 miles east of Orlando on the Atlantic Coast.

I applaud your willingness to search out  something revolutionary in bodywork. After discovering John Barnes Myofascial Release, I have personally had less pain from  previous trauma, learned a new way of looking at the body and discovered the key to empowering my own healing. You can have that too!

I encourage you to browse the following website for additional information about this life-changing practice:   www.myofascialrelase.com  

For more information, please contact me at 941-539-0761
or e-mail me at kerrigeacheastcoastmfr@hotmail.com.

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